Rajah Raboid
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Rajah Raboid
Harry Blackstone Sr.




Magician Rajah Raboid. 1927.


Ad from Johnnys scrapbook.


Ten years after the Vaudeville News cover appeared, Johnny and Robert would go on to work with Raboid.  The trick they would perform would become one of the greatest that magic would ever see. The trick was the old favorite- sawing the man in half. People had seen it before. Up until then though, the trick would end after the magician sawed the person in half, seperated the two halves and put them back together again. The person inside would then emerge from the box whole again. But Raboid, aided by Johnny and Robert, was able to take it one step further. This time, when he seperated the two halves, Johnny would jump onto the stage screaming "I want my legs back." At that point Johnny's "legs" would run around the stage too. All the while Johnny would be screaming and chasing his legs. Sometimes he would leap into the audience. Which as you can imagine created quite a profound effect. The show was called The Miracles of '37. It was performed up and down the east coast to packed audiences.


Johnny and Raboid rehearsing. 1937

Raboid and Robert rehearsing.

Photo by Johnny. (From original negative.)

Johnny and the gang in Raboids New York studio. The man leaning on Johnny was his "legs" during the act. Taken during rehearsals.

(From original negative)


More ads form Johnny's scrapbook.


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